Eco Technology

E-First implement the correct fit of ECO Technology to reduce your carbon emissions and generate your own power

Utilise the correct ECO Technology to fit your energy requirements – generation or targeted reduction

In the field of microgeneration and the host of products to improve operational efficiency of any business, the end goals remain the same – improve business efficiency internally and externally, lower costs and generate greater profit and expansion.

The high number of products available on the open market can lead to a great deal of deliberation, a lengthy cost benefit analysis and overall a very prolonged project to achieve the goals given above.

Utilising the knowledge of the various products and implementation projects we can provide high level advice to businesses in various sectors to direct them to the “best fit” of products. Following a consultation process we can move to implement our six sigma based principles on how to improve.

In the field of micro generation the end goals remain the same – improve efficiency, lower costs and generate greater profit

By employing our Energy Feasibility Report for a singular site and our experience in surveying multi-sited organisations E-First can firstly advise on the most appropriate technology to investigate should you wish to run an internal project. Moreover we have the in house expertise to manage the project end-to-end, demonstrating our achievements at agreed milestones.

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