Ensuring an efficient quality of service

E-First Surveyors are here to provide surveying and implementation services relating to the provision of sustainable solutions to the ever growing environmental challenge facing us nationally and internationally.

The UK government in turn has made a firm commitment to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the short, medium and long term to almost 0 by 2050 and we are firmly committed to assisting in attaining this goal.

We at E-First achieve this through the effective and efficient provision of specific energy and carbon reduction reporting and taking the next steps into implementing the appropriate solutions.  Resulting in the benefits of a positive effect on the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and ultimately delivering significant cost reductions for any business.

E-First’s associates and employees firmly believe in delivering environmental improvements to every sector impacting the UK’s current level of Carbon Emissions. This covers the key areas of:

  • the private business sector
  • all government organisations
  • the housing stock belonging to the general public and housing associations.

Through interaction, analysis and producing meaningful recommendations to improve energy efficiency we are confident that our contributions will significantly reduce the UK’s Carbon Emissions.


To be at the cutting edge of our industry, achieved by delivering high quality service, with an efficient workforce combined with a continually improving company developing our service into the future.


We are developing a multi-faceted organisation in order to achieve our vision, based on several core values:

  • Environment First
  • Continuous Improvement – seeking fresh ideas
  • Customer Focus
  • Investing in our People
  • Quality Management
  • Ever Efficient Processes
  • Quality Supplier Relationships

We intend to grow further through the core principles of building any business – Scalable, Repeatable and Transferable. This coupled with a dynamic management team will deliver day after day, month after month, year after year in our sector.

Our People

Our people bring an entrepreneurial spin to our company, keen to advance themselves professionally. We seek individuals who display strong core competencies of confidence, organisational, creative and entrepreneurial skills. Further we provide the opportunity to develop within E-First by offering a variety of training programmes to satisfy their drive to develop. Although we look for people to naturally work hard, we also encourage our people to live rich social lives.

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