Sustainable Planning

The planning process requires exceptional execution to ensure planning approval and tangible benefits in the project are achieved

Sustainability is key to planning – allow us to mange your successful application from conception to project handover

Sustainable planning for large developments through to planning permission for singular micro generation products is a challenging field. The requirement to achieve a careful balance between all elements is key to the development of UK business, public services and residential sectors.

Any business looking at developing their core activities to encompass new developments must utilise the wider knowledge of planning principles to achieve business goals whilst adhering to the requirements for a sustainable environment and a sustainable nation.

E-First Surveyors possess vast experience in dealing with the national planning framework, adhering to councils planning policy and understanding of any planning officer’s needs and requirements. This experience allows E-First Surveyors to consult and implement management of single to complex planning applications running over a period of time.

From Acoustic Testing to Landscape Analysis – plan to achieve planning permission by employing the experts

The building of rapport and continuous management of the planning process is key to the successful planning permission being granted within the given council area. Many businesses and even farms have operational requirements which consume their time; by outsourcing such a process to industry experts allows you to focus on your core activities, whilst receiving continuous updates on progress.

The process of seeking planning permission is a two way process of conceptually accepting the original outlay, then understanding the adjustments required to meet council requirements coupled with any necessary reports to prove criteria is being met will result in a positive process.